Modeling Behavior in the Homeschool Environment

Since we have so much time to spend with our homeschooled kids, modeling behavior can become a powerful way to teach. Our children learn many valuable lessons by watching our behavior. Here are a few ways to model positive behavior for our kids:

1. Work hard and feel good about the results. When I created my first blog and website at age 47 I was seriously handicapped in a technological way. But my kids watched as I put in the hard work, got through many moments of frustration and confusion, and stuck with it to the end.  I was very happy to be able to say ‘I set up my own blog’. It was a perfect opportunity for my kids to see how hard (and not always fun) work can pay off.

2. Put fun in your day.  Meeting the kids’ needs takes a huge amount of time and energy. I try to find time every day to do something I enjoy – usually a walk  or a fitness video. The time I carve out can be a real “day changer”, putting a smile back on my face no matter how challenging the day has been thus far. I don’t want the kids to see homeshcooling or parenting as drudgery.  I’m hoping that by seeing me enjoy myself during the days they will understand that whatever path you choose, it’s possible and important to have some fun.

3. Handle mistakes gracefully.  I don’t know why it is so hard to admit mistakes, but for some people it can be very difficult. I feel that the more my kids see me make mistakes and recover from them, the more they will learn that it’s a natural process. And it’s not like making mistakes is something you have to pencil in to your day.  Mistakes happen and your kids see how  you react and what you do about it.  Above all, they will see that mistakes are often opportunities for learning.  So sure, go ahead and stomp your foot or hang your head for a moment, but then start looking for a solution.

We’re around our kids probably more than anybody else so it makes sense to reflect upon the ways our behavior can affect our homeschooled kids.  By using the techniques listed above we can show our kids how to work for desired results, how to put joy in our day and how to find ways to deal with failure.  Remember, they are watching us – learning!


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