The Homeschooler’s Multitasking Fitness Program

Homeschooling to many of us does not mean being home all the time. We are striving to meet the social and academic needs of our kids in a multitude of ways and places. We are on the go. Finding time to get fit does not always present itself. Since we know it’s important to feel good and strong and model healthy behavior, I am offering a few ways to exercise during times not normally slated for fitness.

While driving – Do pelvic tilts. Squeeze those glutes and keep your posture straight. Do them for as long as you can hold it and as often as you can. It helps with core strength and posture.

When running errands – Park far and run. These little bursts will add cardio blasts to your day.

While knitting, reading or other sitting down activities – Sit on a yoga ball. You will find that you are perpetually moving and while this is happening your core is also keeping you in balance.

While going  up the stairs – Take two at a time, for the whole day. When done repeatedly this will strengthen the legs.

While waiting at games, practices, classes etc. – Stand up. It burns more calories than sitting. For a little stretching exercise you can raise up to tip toes repeatedly or walk around as much as possible.

These methods are not going to prepare us for the ironman competition, but they will increase our strength and overall fitness when practiced regularly. When we can’t chunk away time for exercise, we can at least use these methods and simply feel better.

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