Five Fantastic STEM Resources for Homeschoolers – For Free


The following sites include our family’s favorite internet places over the years for homeschooling. None of them involve mindless games or heavy advertising and all of them are free.  Hope you enjoy!

1-Khans Academy  The goal of this site is to offer free, world class instruction in math and sciences to all. I have found it particularly helpful when I have trouble presenting a new math topic to my eleven-year-old math whiz. 3rd Grade and up.

2-The Naked Scientist  It is only naked in the “stripping down science to its bare essentials” way.  Awesome podcasts, kitchen science experiments, a very cool science forum and updated science topics brought to you by Cambridge University. All ages.

3-Lego Digital Designer  (free download) Check this building site out! Any child that loves engineering or building with Legos will enjoy and learn at this site. All ages.

4-MuseScore  (free download) Though it may not be strictly a STEM topic, this site has so much value I had to include it. Plus there is a lot of math involved with this music-writing software. Ages 8 and up and musical backround is helpful.

5-West Point Bridge Builder  (free download) Another great place for those builders in your family, learn how to build a bridge and watch a truck drive over it in a test run. If it crashes you go back and make your adjustments. Ages 7 and up.


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