Why Homeschooling In Rural Maine Rocks


Maine is a great place to homeschool your kids with it’s beautiful setting and supportive community. Here are the reasons I love homeschooling in Maine.

1- The laws regarding homeschooling in Maine allow families to be flexible and creative in their homeschool format. Parents are able to find the program that best suits their child. Testing is not mandated but each child has their portfolio reviewed and/or is interviewed annually by a person with a Maine teacher’s certificate. In my experience I have found teachers who were currently homeschooling their own children or had homeschooled in the past as willing and supportive reviewers. I like the way Maine supports homeschooling by respecting family decisions while leaving the door open for ‘out of the box’ students who would not flourish in a school setting.

2-It’s so beautiful here and there are so many outdoor adventures to be had, all of which can be neatly packed into lessons for environmental studies, geography, animal sciences, geology, etc. For example, kids in our neck of the woods (and Maine is a big state) can study wildlife conservancy in numerous locations including Birdsacre Sanctuary in Ellsworth, Maine Environmental Research Institute (MERI) in Blue Hill and the Craig Brook National Fish History in Orland. Homeschoolers in Maine have a lot to appreciate – a beautiful outdoor classroom.

3-A Maine lifestyle can at times be rough, but it’s easier financially to homeschool here than many places. A rural life usually entails more work and more driving, oftentimes more planning ahead. But let’s face it, it’s cheaper to live here than in the city. It’s as least possible to live on one income enabling a parent to homeschool.

4-Mainers are for the most part very practical. We are a hardworking lot; a bunch of do-it-yourselfers. So when it comes to homeschooling, most folks around here are not surprised or put out by it. This creates a welcoming atmosphere for homeschooling families.

What do you love about homeschooling in Maine?


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