Homeschool Blogging – Writing to Distraction

I don’t know how other bloggers write. I imagine sitting in a quiet nook, alone, pondering homeschool moments and writing out my thoughts. As reality has it, I am now writing at my kitchen table, which is covered with books, pottery, seed packets, headbands, writing utensils, water bottles, Legos, workbooks and a cribbage board, while my homeschoolers are at work close by. In the last few minutes I have stopped writing to find a screwdriver, look for D batteries, listened to a food-related complaint and been introduced to a new creation – a DJ mixing table made with Legos.

Finding some typos? Because while I edited this post I simultaneously refereed an argument, yelled at ‘someone’ to get the baseball bat out of the house, drank my breakfast (no alcohol, just bananas and blueberries!), Googled the oldest living humans and checked emails.

When you read a homeschool blog it’s important to cut the writer some slack. Expect a smattering of brain-cramp related peculiarities…

Just stopped now for a consultation on the porch:

Kid: Can I nail holes here?

Me: Why?

Kid: I want to blockade the windows with this sheet so I can set up an automatic pitcher.

Me: O.K. (?!?)

…and bursts of confusion (“Mom! Look it’s done!” Followed immediately by a five minute detailed description). If any part of this blog post is even vaguely coherent, I consider it a success.

Mom, is there mercury in the toaster?”



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