Go Homeschool Yourself

This may be one of the best parts about homeschooling – you get to homeschool yourself. Most of us went to school and are now trying to homeschool our kids in a way that meets their needs. Which is completely unlike our school experience. But how can we create a vibrant  homeschool environment without reverting to workbooks, packed schedules, tests and the inevitable ‘talking head’ since this is the way we learned?

One way is to homeschool yourself. What’s most interesting to you? What have you always wanted to find out about? Are you getting National Geographic magazines for your kids, or is it YOU that really likes to read them? Spending your spare time watching Vi Hart videos at Khan’s Academy? Good for you! Your kids will see how this works: Discover an interest and delve right in.

So, if you always wanted to master Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata (or as I call it, “Moonshine Sonata”), here’s your chance to model for your kids how to truly enjoy learning by studying what you want, when you want. This is especially important for those of us who’ve had kids attend some school. Since school involves a different set of expectations, it will be easier for kids to transition to homeschooling when a role model is home busy building their first robot or researching wild mushrooms.

There’s another upside to homeschooling yourself. I’ve found that an enriching learning program, completely thought up and carried out by yourself, makes you FEEL good. And we all know that a parent or caregiver who is meeting their own needs will find it easier and more enjoyable to meet the needs of their kids.

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