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Self Care on the Cheap

I’m sure we’re all pining for a weekend spa treatment near some sandy, sunny beach. The reality for most of us homeschoolers is that vacations without kids are rare. But there are ways to take care of ourselves that really feel good, cost nothing and can be done practically anytime. You may have a mini-spa-treatment you do at home already. Below I’ve listed a few that have helped lift my spirits and make things new again.

  1. Pop in a movie and take a nap. I’m sure there are varying degrees of television viewing going on amongst homeschoolers. Here there is no tv. We have a pc and Netflix. So once in a while I ask the kids if they want a ‘bonus’ movie, and surprisingly no one EVER says “NO, Mom, oh God, not THAT”. They get busy agreeing on something to watch and I get a blanket and make myself comfy on the sunporch couch. Pure luxury.
  2. Give your feet a treatment. I find this especially lovely once the kids have gone to bed. Get a bin of some kind, soak your feet in hot water for a while. When it cools off, wash them with a washcloth and dry them off. Then clip those nails and get some oil (I prefer Shea Butter), even adding a little splash of pure essential oil and massage your tootsies. I swear, after doing all this, you will thank yourself.
  3. Try Earthing. You may have already seen or read about Earthing but it basically means touching the earth and benefiting from this electrical connection. You can spend lots of money buying earthing shoes or bedding or you can go barefoot as much as possible outside. In cold climates touching a tree for 15 minutes every day can have a profound effect.
  4. Try a Youtube fitness video. There are lots of free videos out there to try. You can enjoy a high energy workout with some smiling faces without having to go anywhere or pay anything. Here’s one of my favorites: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Emn4yVD5xa0
  5. Babysitting Trade. If you are homeschooling, chances are you know other homeschoolers. Arranging a babysitting trade can work wonders. You babysit one night while your friends go out and then it’s reciprocated. It doesn’t have to be an expensive night out. A hike, a swim, a picnic or whatever. Take this chance to do what you love and make yourself feel good.

Got an idea for a mini-spa-treatment? Please leave a comment.